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Corporate Tax

At Capital Tax Accountants Ltd, we see the tax return and related compliance processes and controls as a key element in every company’s relationship with HM Revenue & Customs.

This is why we approach compliance as a dedicated service in its own right.

Our approach looks at your whole business, not just the numbers - delivering a more wide ranging and robust means to help you address the statutory tax obligations.

Our assistance includes:

  • Preparation, review and submission of corporate tax returns
  • Advice on approach to corporate tax compliance process, controls, technology and risk management
  • Assistance with post-submission issues, HMRC enquiries and dispute resolution
  • Support in designing an approach to tax data analysis, extraction and compilation

Central to our approach is recognition of the benefits the effective implementation of tax compliance processes and technology can bring, increasing efficiency, accuracy and tax management over compliance work. The systems employed by our firm, allow us to automate the majority of the data gathering and return compilation process.

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